Appropriate Adults

The role of an Appropriate Adult (AA) is to facilitate communication between adults (people aged 16 or over) who have mental ill health or learning disability who become involved in the justice system as witnesses, victims or accused persons. Since January 2020 the Service was enshrined in law and is now a statutory provision.

These specific mental disorders are described by current legislation as 'any mental illness, personality disorder, learning disability however caused or manifested'. It also includes people with acquired brain injury, autistic spectrum disorder and people who have dementia.

An Appropriate Adult can be present at every stage of an investigation, including searches, interviews, medical examinations, the taking of forensic samples, fingerprinting, photographing, identity parades and court proceedings.

In 2015, following a successful pilot of our service model, we secured the contract to deliver the Appropriate Adult Service across Ayrshire. We are now contracted to provide this service in Ayrshire until October 2024.

Our service is accessed using a dedicated 24/7 contact number and we aim to respond to requests for the service within 1 hour. Between October 2014 and October 2020 we have supported approximately 3000 requests for our service. Since January 2018 we have responded to over 190 Appropriate Adult serious crime related requests in the Greater Glasgow area, which that service has been unable to support.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals from backgrounds such as Social Services, Health, Education and Justice. Delivering our own bespoke training we ensure that they remain competent and up to date with current developments.

We have been supported by an experienced retired consultant psychiatrist who had been employed as such by NHS Ayrshire and Arran until 2012, latterly fulfilling the role of Clinical Director, Mental Health Services.

Court Support

Our service includes support at court as the three Ayrshire local authorities and the Adult Protection Committees choose to support accused persons and witnesses in need at the courts in Ayrshire thereby providing a through service from first point of contact with Police Scotland/Justice Services. Following Solicitor/Client requests, subsequently approved by the Scottish legal Aid Board, Clarity have also provided support in the High, Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Courts out with Ayrshire.


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My own view is that the AA service is invaluable and essential in a court setting.  When an Appropriate Adult does not assist an accused or witness, with communication difficulties within the justice system, it is conceivable that a legal challenge to his/her status may occur on the grounds of fairness. I have seen a huge improvement in the pro-active service which we have come to expect in recent times. 

Moreover, I comment regularly to colleagues who share my enthusiasm.  Since the new service commenced and requests for Appropriate Adults have been made I cannot think of a case where one has not been provided on time. On any occasion where I have required to select a specific gender of appropriate adult, this has been taken into account. I am hugely impressed with the service provided.

Senior Procurator Fiscal Depute in Ayrshire

I am responsible at supervisory level for the coordinated investigation of serious sexual offences across Ayrshire. The Appropriate Adult service now provided is of a very high standard. There is a single dedicated contact number which is available 24 hours a day. Brief details of the need for an AA are communicated and within an hour an AA attends briefed by their Coordinator in preparation for their deployment. Victims are always treated with respect and compassion by the AA’s putting them at ease, which assists us to effectively and efficiently proceed with our enquiry. I am aware of similar positive comment from colleagues regarding the AA service provided.